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Real Estate Strategy

Ensuring our clients the best possible real estate developments, generating maximum value for both investors and communities. Aligning investor strategic objectives with community needs through development of prestige real estate.

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Financial Assessment

Identifying real markets and establishing realistic parameters for development. Iterating between the requirements of the physical environment, customer needs and investor requirements to achieve optimal solutions.

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Master Planning and Design

Outstanding master planning and design can add tremendous value at little to no extra cost. Getting the basics right sets the stage for great communities and our team has the experience in bringing together key stakeholders in the development process to deliver the best outcomes.

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Innovation drives the future. Our team has extensive experience in identifying the latest trends and ideas, assessing them for suitability and long-term potential. We then help clients roll the most viable innovations into new developments, making better places and happier investors.

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Doing what’s right for the future often makes the best business outcome. When it does not, we help ensure our clients’ ability to bridge to that future ideal, leading to healthier, safer, more engaged communities with increased value for all of our stakeholders.

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Delivery Optimization

We collaborate with clients, stakeholders, partners and diverse project team members ranging from private wealth managers to geotechnical experts to F&B operators. By setting specific goals and building consensus, we can enable successful delivery from feasibility to design and through construction.

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Global Expertise

The BHH Advisory team has serviced clients around the world, working in the United States, the Netherlands, France, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Lebanon, Qatar, South Korea and Japan.

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Multi-Cultural Experience

We strategize, plan and help deliver great places in multi-cultural environments around the world, working in both private and public sectors environments.

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Team Dynamic

We have an aggressively team-oriented approach to development, believing that the best results come from involving key players from throughout the development life cycle from the very beginning.